An Amazing Year

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One year ago today, June 20th, 2011 Ryan and I woke up in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  It was the day after Fathers Day and we we missing our five children that were at home with their grandpa and grandma, but we had just spend this Father’s Day playing with our new sons. We woke up … Read More

This momma’s wish on Father’s Day

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It’s Fathers Day weekend.  I’ve spent much of the last days thinking about Fathers Day.  One thing I know for sure is that I am incredibly thankful for my daddy.  I love him more than he could possibly understand.  And, better yet, I know without a doubt he loves me.  That’s how it feels it’s supposed … Read More

A precious little girl

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I’ve not been a very good blogger lately.  Not because I’ve had nothing to say … more like I can’t seem to get the things that have been stirring in my heart down in writing. I posted this picture on facebook today. For a lack of creativity on my part I called the picture “Brothers”. … Read More

You got me, mommy.

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I held one of my little boys for his whole nap today.  I don’t always do that.  Actually, I have not done that much at all lately. When the twins nap, I am often found with a cup of coffee, folding and ironing laundry, cleaning bathrooms, washing floors, making dinner or doing something fun like … Read More

Questions of the heart

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Well, Grace and I have been back from our school field trip for some time now.  It was a great week spent with Grace and an awesome bunch of kiddos from her school.  I went from taking care of my 7 kiddos to rooming with 7 fifth graders for the week.  We learned to use … Read More

Live and Become

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We watched the movie “Live and Become” last night.   I’d recommend it even though it was very hard to watch.  It is a display of such hurt and devastation for Ethiopians, specifically a Christian Ethiopian boy who is released from a Sudanese refuge camp to Israel in 1984 during Operation Moses. The perseverance of this boy and those around him are amazing.  As … Read More

Haiti Team

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Six of my friends are going on a vision trip to Haiti this week. Will you join me in praying for them and all those that they will come in contact with while they are traveling as well as their families that will be waiting here at home for them.  The team will be visiting … Read More

Martin Luther King Jr.

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Dreams.  As I listened to Mary Beth Chapman speak a few years ago she said we need to start “adopting God’s dreams.”  As I thought about what to name this blog that I started as we began the journey to bring home our sons I knew that was it!  Adopting God’s Dreams.  Of course I … Read More