You got me, mommy.

February 29, 2012By rachaelmcclearyUncategorized No Comments

I held one of my little boys for his whole nap today.  I don’t always do that.  Actually, I have not done that much at all lately. When the twins nap, I am often found with a cup of coffee, folding and ironing laundry, cleaning bathrooms, washing floors, making dinner or doing something fun like … Read More

Questions of the heart

February 23, 2012By rachaelmcclearyUncategorized No Comments

Well, Grace and I have been back from our school field trip for some time now.  It was a great week spent with Grace and an awesome bunch of kiddos from her school.  I went from taking care of my 7 kiddos to rooming with 7 fifth graders for the week.  We learned to use … Read More

A trip up north

February 6, 2012By RachaelUncategorized 1 Comment

I get to go here this week with my Grace and the 5th and 6th graders from her school as well as another area school.  Its a four day field trip … We are very excited!  We will get “play”outside all week long while we learn new things.   Going with Grace for the week … Read More

An Incredible Journey

February 2, 2012By RachaelUncategorized 1 Comment

The boys have been home for almost 8 months.  It has been an amazing, stressful, fun, sad, exciting, tiring 8 months.  You get the idea?  A full range of emotions.  I am stunned by how God can heal hearts and create families.  Life is a journey, be it with children, spouses, friends, family.  It is … Read More