A heart check

April 23, 2012By RachaelUncategorized No Comments

We’ve been a bit sick around our house.  Sore throats, headache, coughing.  Nothing major but enough to make a few of us feel miserable.  At the end of the week last week Greta started running a temp and started to complain about her ear hurting.  So, decided to call the clinic and get her an appointment.  … Read More

A precious little girl

April 10, 2012By rachaelmcclearyUncategorized 2 Comments

I’ve not been a very good blogger lately.  Not because I’ve had nothing to say … more like I can’t seem to get the things that have been stirring in my heart down in writing. I posted this picture on facebook today. For a lack of creativity on my part I called the picture “Brothers”. … Read More